Protecting Your Health Naturally

It's time to recall food's natural healing power.  Recent research suggests that some foods contain powerful disease-inhibiting chemicals.  But reaping the protective benefits of foods require a lifetime commentment of sensible eating habits.  Now I am in no way giving medical advise, but only stating the obvious and that is prevention is key.


Ok, I could probally write a book on the healing benefits of this glorious medicinal herb.  It has been found to be effective from everything from fungal infection to heart disease prevention.  
Garlic was used in WWII as an antibotic for battle wounds for soldiers who were not able to get immediate medical care.  WOW imaging what it will do for your childrens' minor scrapes and scratches and you would be able to totally eliminate the purchases of commercial brands of antiseptic.  Another amazing gentle cure from garlic is for warts.  My daughter had one on her hand and I was told my a much wiser and elderly friend to put a slice of raw garlic on the wart every night before bed and cover it with a bandage.  Sure enough it was gone within 10 days.  Now I don't know about you, but I would much rather smell garlic than the chemical acid smell of products sold in stores to remove warts.  Not to mention I eliminated putting any potentially dangerous chemicals into my daughters body.
Garlic is also a natural remedy to keep your pets free of fleas.  Just slice a few cloves of garlic and put into a reuseable spray bottle, let it sit for a few days and spray your pets as needed.

Ginger Root

Remember when you were a kid and felt nauseous and you mother would give you Ginger Ale?  That's because ginger has a natural medicinal compound proven to aid digestion and stomacheaches.  I prefer not to use Ginger Ale due to the sugar content, instead I make Ginger tea.  Basically you grade Ginger Root into a tea cup pour hot water into the cup and let it steep for at least 10 minutes.  I have aquired a taste for this concotion just as it is, but for the rest of my family they prefer to add a little local organic honey.  Ginger has also been proven to be more effective for motion sickness than some well-known commercial remidies and does not have the side effect of drowsiness.  You could just chew on a slice if you felt motion sickness (which again is an aquired taste) or you could candy the root for a sweeter taste.  If you tend to get motion sickness this Ginger is a must keep in your garden and if you candy it you can store it in an air tight container and take it with you if you are planning a trip.